The Boyfriend experience – with ruined pants!

After seeing Captain America on Wednesday and Saturday I wasn’t expecting to see him for at least a couple of days so I was surprised to get a message from him on Monday asking me what I was up to and if I wanted to do anything.

I did, I wanted to do him. So we arranged a meet up that evening. After the mental breakdown I had when he left my place without staying over I decided that heading over to his would result in less of a mind fuck the following day!

I confirmed I would be at his by about 7ish.

He replied back saying great and I confirmed joking “it’s a booty call”. Ok so perhaps subconsciously I was testing waters… but then I don’t think I am that complex of a person to do that. In reality I’m just a bit awkward and say stupid stuff when I don’t feel in control and put on the spot. I expected nothing more than a LOL or winky face response. So I was a little surprised when he replied saying “ah that’s great but we can do something else too!” And then he suggested dinner, movies and a range of other fun things to do… with our clothes on? Well I’m assuming clothes on, he doesn’t strike me as a naked bowling kinda guy! – To confirm I’m not a naked bowling kinda gal!

So it threw me, it calmed me but threw me non the less. Yes I know I could just be honest and speak to him, hell I point that out in pretty much every blog post! So I suggested a movie and food at his, I wasn’t in the mood to be around people. Working with the general public limits my tolerance for idiots, going out on public would increase the chances of me interacting with an idiot and frankly I didn’t have the patience that day!

I grabbed some beer and pizza on my way over…. we tend to forget to eat when I go over unless we plan dinner in advance and as great as my weight loss is, the added cardio of being in his bedroom leaves me famished the next day!

I get to his place and we have a kiss and a catch up. He cooked… no he burnt the pizza, the guy is a magician in the bedroom but good lord he is hopeless in the kitchen! How can you burn pizza? The box tells you what to do…. how is that hard?! I’m no Nigella but I know my way around a kitchen and have an ability to read how to turn on an oven and wait for a selected amount of time… it seems this guy has a flaw?!

One badly butt pizza and one lesser burnt pizza later we were laying on the sofa chatting about music, I’m a HUGE 80’s and 90’s music fan we were looking up music and taking it in turns to try to guess the song title and band/singer. It was funny, he loves to sing along to music…. I love to sing along to music but I am also very aware that my singing voice resembles a dying cats final screeches of pain… so I refrain from doing it around anyone! I am also shockingly bad at remembering names, so I was pretty rubbish at the game too!

We then decided to watch a film, he turned on a tv and looked through the guide to see what was on. I spotted the program Naked Attraction – it’s a random TV show and I actually know someone who was on it. Remember my date with the Copper where that crazy woman unveiled my past abusive relationship? Yep well the big old bag of crazy was on the show and if I ever see it on a TV guide I have to check if it’s the episode that she is in. I asked CA if he had seen the show…. he scrolled down and clicked on it. Sadly it wasn’t the one with my crazy acquaintance but it was certainly funny watching his reaction!

We settled on watching a film as I lay on the sofa he would stroke my hair, or kiss the the top of my head. Before the film ended we were kissing like a couple of teenagers on the sofa.

We made our way upstairs, the petting and the kissing had me all worked up and we couldn’t get undressed quick enough… we were ripping each other’s clothes off and when we got to the bedroom things were pretty hot… and well somewhere along the kissing and grabbing and pulling… he ripped off my underwear. Literally ripped them off.

We spent the next few hours gripped in sexual passion. When we slowed things down he was more sensual than before. There was deeper kissing and a lot more eye gazing. I once again lost all control with him, he has this ability to hit every spot and to tease me right up to the perfect moment where I feel like I’m balancing on the edge of a cliff and all I want to do is fall… by fall I mean toe curling, back arching, pillow biting, mind blowing dive into nothing.

I don’t remember falling asleep but waking in the morning I felt blissfully relaxed, he was running his fingers up and down my spine, when he saw I was awake he kissed me deeply and I was instantly ready to go again… so we did. Typically making us late leaving and in turn late for work!

Getting dressed I came across a bit of a stumbling block… my underwear was ruined… there was no way i was going to be getting on a train comando! I had to borrow a pair of his boxers to wear. He found the idea of me wearing his boxers all day pretty hot…

As I sat on the train wearing CA’s underwear I realized that I hadn’t heard from The Copper for a while… infact I hadn’t heard from anyone since Valentine’s Day. Looking at my phone I realized that the most likely reason for this is I hadn’t replied to anyone’s messages on V day… only Captain America.

I’m sure you all noticed this way before my lightbulb moment but…. I think I’m going to stick with the one guy for the time being.


Your place or mine?! – or not at all…

It was only on Saturday that my body had recovered from Valentine’s night. Waking with a hangover and with a very dirty mind things got rather steamy with Captain America over text.

His ego had certainly swelled with the knowledge that his sexual antics had such an impact on me… even more so when he discovered that it took two days from recover from!

My hangover horn was looming and my mind was obsessed with thoughts of Wednesday night. The guy might of ruined sex for me as I needed to get to that point again!

My housemate was working for the evening so I decided to invite him round. I always go to his house and I will be honest I wanted to test the situationship… yes I know it’s a crap test but we all know by now I am emotionally stunted when it comes to being able to have a DTR conversation!

He agreed and messaged me when he was on his way.

When he arrived at my front door it was odd…. having him in my house was strange. He had a look around, asked me about my photos, played with my dog, checked out my books. It was just surreal that he was in my house, more to the point why he was looking at all my stuff so intensely…. I felt a little vulnerable as I realized that my house is an extension of me, his place… well it’s just a house that he sleeps in. There are no photos, trinkets or things that showcase who he is as a person. It threw me, I wasn’t sure how to feel or react, I felt pretty exposed and in turn that made me feel uneasy.

We went to my room and naturally I relaxed, this is some common ground and it’s definitely in my comfort zone!

A couple of hours and orgasms later we laid sweaty and naked in my bed. Stroking one another while we chatted about nothing in particular. He’s started doing this thing where he copies how I say certain words in an attempt to mimic my English accent and he is always quizzing me on certain words or and phrases… I never knew that the Brits were so confusing?! Americans (well CA anyway) seem to be more literal with in comparison the the bollocks us Brits (or me… maybe it’s me) seem to chat!

We lazed a bit longer before heading down to the living room to watch some tv. It was peaceful laying on the sofa watching tv, my dog kept coming over to drop his ball or to get a pat on the head from his new best friend. I actually started to relax when CA turned to me and asked what time my housemate was coming home…

I said I didn’t know and he might not be back for the night. He stretched and said he better start making a move as there was a long drive back….

Wait he wasn’t going to stay over?! Now obviously that’s what my brain said! My mouth said “oh alright”. We went to check he had everything and put on his shoes. The whole time my head was pretty scrambled. We kissed on the doorstep and off he went…

My brain came to the following conclusions…

1- It’s just sex, he does want to stay over and as he drove he doesn’t have to.

2- He felt we were moving from our FWB situationship…

3- He hates my house

4- He hates my dog…. no that’s impossible!

5- Meeting my housemate is not something he was ready for.

6- He realized that we are a big mistake and had to get away from me…

7- Everytime I stayed at his it was let his intention and he is too nice to say anything…

8- I did or said something that offended him…

9- He has a girlfriend…. wife… whole other family that he is hiding from me.

10- Im never going to see him again.

One thing is for sure and that is I clearly have some issues! I mean outwardly I’m like a fucking swan… inwardly I’m like a drowning cat… if this was work I would just ask for clarification on what this meant, as it’s my personal life I’m incapable of approaching it like a grown up!

I know I really need to stop over analyzing things… he most likely just likes sleeping in his own bed. But tell that to the voice in my head!

The hangover horn!

Friday night consisted of work drinks with my team. We were out to celebrate a really tough week and what better way to relieve the stress than to have a giggle over a couple of drinks?!

My couple of drinks ended at 4am… I really have ZERO self control, it’s like once I have a couple of drinks this crazy party monster is unleashed and no amount of Gin, Tequila or Sambucca can hold it down! But i have to admit I had a blast! I spent a disgusting amount of money and really bonded with the team… by making an ass of myself but hey ho!

My housemate was not impressed apparently he had to come and let me in after listening to 10 mins of my key scratching on the door in an attempt to get it into the lock and the sound of me giggling like a school girl every time I missed! This act of kindness was unexpected as when he opened the door it seems I was still leaning on it… i fell into the hallway in a fit of giggles proudly declaring him my knight in shining armor for defeating the door! When he told me to go to bed apparently decided to take back the statement of him being a night and then told him he was more of a c*nt in tinfoil…. he was pretty pissed with me the following day and proceeded to lecture me about my behavior… whoops!

It wasn’t just the wrath of my housemate I had to deal with the following day…. in the morning I realized I had lost my voice, had a killer bruise on my shoulder and the threat of a hangover looming on the horizon…my hangovers come on stages and they are pretty messed up!

1- Because Im Happy…

I wake up early, I have loads of energy, I love life and literally feel like I can do anything! I’m super annoying, loud and adore everything and everyone… I’m basically still drunk!

2- Hydrate me

All the liquids! I need them all, water, juice, coffee….banana milkshake! I start to drink everything and anything and nothing quenches my thirst! It’s also where I can misjudge the state of my stomach as too much or the wrong liquid can result in staring down a u bend.

3- Crash cart

The high from phase 1 combined with a huge sugar intake from the various drinks I have consumed during phase 2 I crash and I crash HARD! My body is sluggish, my speech will slurr and my train of thought has crashed into a wall. I become a mere shadow of a person and am as much use as a chocolate teapot!

4- Feed me with smells

I want food, all the food but I don’t want to eat it, I want to smell it! Infact I have been guilty of ordering different take outs just to sit on the floor surrounded by food that I have no intention of eating! It’s my housemates favorite phase as he gets lots of free food!

5- Fuck it out of me!

I get horny! Hangover sex is a thing for me and it’s something that my body craves! I become a bit of a sex pest. Either everything is loaded with an innuendo or I outright talk pure filth!

Phase five is Captain America’s favorite… his presence certainly has helped contain my crazy sex pest hangover ways! As I now have somewhere to direct it to!

It was because of phase five that CA darken my doorstep later on that evening….

To be continued…

Chocolate roses and claw marks – My Valentine’s Day!

So Valentine’s Day was eventful… a far cry from my original plan of wine and boxsets, which went out the window when Captain America messaged me on the Tuesday night.

I swear he can ask me for anything and I will drop everything, including my pants!

The whole day on Wednesday my phone was going a little crazy. It seems everyone I have spoken to or had been on a date with decided to message me with some form of valentines message, even the Quizmaster popped into my inbox…. seriously?!

Yet not one phased me, I had come to realize that day that I was drunk with my addiction to CA. ( yeah surprise surprise!) What happened later on that night pretty much solidified that feeling.

Work was crazy busy meaning I was late leaving and even later arriving to meet CA. I messaged to explain that I wouldn’t get to his until late and that if we could skip the dinner plans. I know way to kill the romance! But the best thing about having dinner is the dessert… and I was happy skipping main course to be the dessert!

It seemed everything was against me getting there! My train was cancelled then when I got to his town my phone died meaning I couldn’t let him know that there was a wait for a cab. I eventually got to his at 8:30 so cancelling dinner was actually a smart move!

He had got me some chocolates shaped like roses which was super cute as he remembered that I said I wasn’t into being given flowers as I found them pointless…. a chocolate rose I can at least eat!

We lay on his bed talking about our day and what had gone down at work… covered to topics that are the current Bain’s of my life (excluding the men part obvs!). I need to absorb some of his super chill personality as he clearly looks at things far more rationally than I do!

But it wouldn’t be a date with CA without some hot and intense sex. And lord he did not disappoint!

Now perhaps it was because it was Valentine’s Day, maybe my pent up stress from everything else going on in my life or the fact we had restrained ourselves for so long talking….but one we started to kiss everything quickly became a bit of a blurr…but my god it was a fucking amazing blurr!

I mean leg trembling, back arching, claw his back amazing.

I lost count the amount of times I came… I didn’t even know it was possible to orgasm that many times! we decided to be a little bit naughty and got out the poppers. Now I had no need for extra help but the added effect of the poppers had me clawing to the point he now has scratch marks on his bedroom wall…

We didn’t sleep, we would fuck, hydrate, talk and then go again. This continued until 7am when we once again had a mad dash to get ready to leave for work. Now doing this when your tired is one thing… but my legs were screwed. CA had to help me get my pants and jeans on I was a total mess, I needed a bloody wheelchair! At the station I took the lift… the lift! Thank god i got a seat on the train otherwise I don’t know what I would of done!

My legs ached for two days afterwards! Two days! I dropped a fiver and just left it because bending down to pick it up just wasn’t worth it! Thankfully a passerby picked up for me but I was willing to let it go as five quid wasn’t worth the aches or more to the point the embarrassment of trying to bend down!

I was broken, my body would ache and send a flashback reminder of the night. Sexy muscle ache is a thing?!

I’m officially hooked, this is going to go one do two ways and I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m worried that I’m going to get so wrapped up in sex that I’m going to miss out on having a relationship….

But who doesn’t want to be in a situationship that involves claw marks on bedroom walls and multiple world shattering orgasms?!

Missing in Action

So I haven’t posted for a week which is a little unusual for me but life has been pretty crazy and it’s hard to find the time to sit and focus on anything but work, men, friends and family. Each one is currently tweaking my crazy in its own unique way and it’s beyond frustrating!


My recent run in with my boss had me reeling. After years of working for the company, putting my life behind the needs (Or should I say Demands) of my boss I realized the guy was dead weight. I used to think he was an amazing boss but as time moves on it has become clear that he has little understanding of how to manage and has been using me and my work wife while he soaks up the credit. My meeting with HR where my boss put his foot down and out right declaring that I was not competent enough for a promotion made me livid. My self control was impressive because I honestly wanted to stab the fucker in the eye with a pen.

Fortunately HR had other ideas, on Friday last week I was given a promotion, increased pay and further development in my career.

I’m still waiting for my boss to congratulate me… or acknowledge the promotion.


My family are nuts i have three older half sisters, one older brother and one younger one. I am pretty close with my older brother, we don’t live too far away from one another and he is the father to my nephews. One of whom is my favorite! Yes I know that it’s bad to have a favorite nephew especially when you have 11 nieces and nephews to dote over but my lil dude melts my heart!

My sister is getting married this year and my eldest brother is refusing to go. It’s causing a lot of friction especially since he hasn’t told my sister, only my brother and parents. I’m trying to do my best to stay out of it but the whole situation is pissing me off.


My best friends sperm doner (aka her biological father) has reappeared in her life. Being that we both lack the ability to handle things like an adult we hit the bar and decided to try and workout what to do. Unsuprisingly the only thing we discovered is that we really need to stop drinking on a school night!

She’s having a rough time and I really don’t know what to do or say to make her feel better. She calls a lot to rant and I’m starting to feel a little selfish when I audibly groan when I see it’s her calling… I need to be there for her but my mind is just so jumbled with everything.


With things so crazy in every other aspect of my life my dating has taken a spot on the sidelines. I am only in contact with Captain America and The Copper although Valentine’s Day saw many blasts from my January past creep out of the woodwork. I will post about my Valentine’s Day as I went against my original plans to spend it alone and ended up experiencing the most intense sex I have ever experienced… ever! You won’t be surprised to hear that the guy who rocked my sexual world was Captain America… it took me days for my body to fully recover!

So blogging slipped as my life got hectic… being mentally and physically fucked kinda keeps you busy!

Screw the stress!

So I was angry, stressed and fed up with work, boys and life… I needed sex and I needed it stat.

This called for a trip round to Captain America. Our last time together was intense, granted we added poppers to the mix which certainly amped up the chemistry. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I certainly felt it for days afterwards! I mean stairs were a challenge!

So it was only natural I craved the feeling all over again when it seemed that I lost control over my work… and nearly my mind!

Unlike my previous journeys to meet him my mind wasn’t clouded with the “what are we?!” Question. In fact it’s only as a write this I have noticed that it hasn’t crossed my mind at all. Am I over the whole trying to analyze everything or has work demanded the full attention of my crazy?!

Getting to his house I was a bit of a mess, I had worked myself up into a bit of an emotional state, don’t get me wrong I wasn’t crying or wild eyed, I was horny as hell and it’s a wonder my legs managed to carry me from the car to his doorstep.

Opening the door I pretty much pounced him. I dragged him to the bedroom caveman style… so stress gets me horny… now usually as I mention all the freaking time CA is a bit of an endurance pro. Not last night! I didn’t give him a chance, I pretty much rode him like a mechanical bull. Thinking back it’s probably good that it didn’t last hours, I might of thrown my back out if it did!

In my fit of pure animalistic desire I failed to make sure that we used a condom… wait that’s unfair, I didn’t fail to do anything, I think somewhere between ripping his clothes off and mounting him I breathed the words “fuck it” when he mentioned condoms. The only failure came from my common sense. I’m a fucking idiot. An idiot with an implant but an idiot none the less.

Along with being an idiot I’m also a pretty good avoider! So rather than bring it up after we lay in bed, discussed 90’s pop rock music, quizzed me on American football teams, explained cricket (how can such a simple game be so bloody hard to explain?!), talked about history, Shakespeare, accents, the differences of our cultures… you name it we discussed it… kinda wished I had brought up the whole who else you sleeping with and the when were you last tested conversation. Do I think he is sleeping around right now? No not at all. I know how busy he is and unless he is texting me while he’s balls deep into another woman then I think that it’s highly unlikely. But I still need to know if he is free from.

Instead we discussed my asshole boss, talking to him about it calmed me down. I lay naked next to him on the bed telling him what happened on Monday he stoked my back and listened. He has a pretty calming influence over me. He’s so calm and rational about things…compared to my crazy scrambled brain.

We were both fast asleep before midnight. Another first for us! We woke in the morning and although it was basically time for us to leave the house we couldn’t pass the chance of morning sex!

When I boarded my train to head into work I was in a far better mood than the day before. The stress of work had gone, I wasn’t thinking about trying to define my relationship with CA… I just sat there relaxed, clear headed and thought about my day ahead.

Thinking with my vagina…

My week has been awful!

Dating has taken a back step as my worklife has become nothing sort of horrific!

Last week I offered a job now having never considered moving jobs before this took me by surprise. This new job would involve moving back to mainland Europe, which isn’t ideal but it made me take a step back to evaluate my life and consider what I wanted from my career and social life.

Deciding that I want more from my job I thought I would take the time to bring it up to HR. I don’t want to leave the company but I sure as hell don’t want to be in the same position with the same salary this time next year. I’m a pretty work driven person and I thrive under pressure so when things become a routine I kinda get restless.

Explaining this to HR it was decided we would talk to my boss… well I have always suspected that he has been holding me back a bit but the conversation I witnessed with my boss and HR was nothing short of horrifying. He was angry that the thought of me even moving up was considered. Now most would think that perhaps he must have a point.. I can tell you for sure I run circles around this guy and regularly save his ass when he or one of his team screw up. I take late night calls, pick up other people’s slack, work overtime (unpaid), cover shifts, manage staffing issues, I’m a fucking godsend.. he should be kissing my ass not dragging it down.

This conversation took place on Monday my boss finally spoke to me again today (Thursday)… yep he sulked that I dare speak to HR about developing my role and improving my life and income. Has he spoken to me about it…. nope. Will I bring it up with him… damn straight when I get the cockwomble alone in a room again!

It then made me realize, at work I am such a strong and demanding person. I don’t suffer fools lightly, I can have difficult conversations with ease and speaking my mind comes as easy as breathing. So why can’t I apply this to my life outside of work? More to the point why can’t I be so confident in my dating life?

Things have whittled down to me only speaking to Copper and Captain America. I lost all energy of dealing with people on the Monday after the run in with my boss and I needed time to focus on me… not just my vagina!

The Professor seems to of ghosted me, his loss! Sparky is still looking for his balls after our cancelled date and the other…. meh!

So my week has been crappy, I’ve not helped matters by allowing myself to wallow in a mixture of rage and self pity towards work. The men in my life haven’t had a look in, I mean what’s the point if I won’t be in the country any longer?!

Until, yep… guessed it! Captain America has lured me out of my mood and enticing me into his bedroom… let’s face it, if this guy says “jump” I say “how high, what shoes and can I land on your penis?!” I have lost my sense of self control and am now being lead solely by my vagina and the thought of CA’s penis!

Work can go screw itself.. life can be wait, my vagina needs some attention.

To be continued…

The girlfriend experience – My date with Captain America (part 2)

Captain America and I had finished our drinks at the pub and were heading to the car to make our way to the sex shop.

Now, considering I am on the verge of pulling my hair out about “what are we?!” This perhaps isn’t going to help unblurr any lines infact it pushes us more into the just sex zone but I have decided that if we are going to be the latter then I want to have fun with it.

He was clearly a little giddy about the trip, when I asked he confessed that this wasn’t something he had done with anyone else before, this wasn’t my first time at this particular rodeo!

We arrived at the shop and headed inside, it wasn’t the best of shops but it had some things that peaked our interests… some things that shocked and some things that we had never seen before. It was exciting and pretty arousing walking around with him, he would place his hand round my waist or push up behind me and whisper in my ear.

We bought a couple of bits, the usual restraints, lube, poppers… although we could of got ALOT more we decided to keep it a little simple and see how we go.

We headed to his and stopped to grab some food on the way. Our conversation remained pretty light and normal considering what we had planned for the night ahead but there was certainly sexual tension in the air.

Getting back to his we are our food and then I explained the effects of poppers. Now I have experienced poppers before at a house party however I have never used them in the bedroom before. We were both pretty keen to see what would be the results.

If you have no idea what poppers are or and their effects there is some information Here.

Im going I try and refrain from glorifying the whole drug use but it was fucking amazing.

We lay on the sofa kissing, it was like I was a teenager kissing on my boyfriends sofa, it was such a turn on. I don’t think I have ever just kissed someone for so long without one of us trying to push it further, we honestly dry humped like a couple of virginal teenagers!

Eventually once we had worked ourselves up to a point where I was literally shaking with anticipation, we finally moved things to the bedroom doing the usual discarding of the clothes on the way.

Getting to the bedroom we fell onto the bed and the next few hours we played and teased one another until eventually we couldn’t go anymore and we decided to take a shower together, washing and massaging one another between kisses.

Exhausted we fell into bed and slept for a couple of hours before waking up and well you guessed it we went again….

We then lay in bed talking and he showed me some videos of a comedian he liked. I started to get a pretty bad headache Im assuming this was down to the poppers. I had a rummage in my bag for my painkillers and typically I had ran out. I asked him if he had any, he came back with painkillers, some fresh water and an eye mask and told me to just lay down and relax and then proceeded to give me a massage… I honestly melted there and then!

I feel back asleep for an hour and woke wrapped in his arms and headache free. I thought I was in heaven, I turned to look at him and we kissed and well….. Im starting to think he isn’t human now!

We were a crumpled mess when we realized it was lunchtime and we both agreed we needed food stat. A quick Google later we headed off to a beautiful riverside pub. I didn’t realize how hungry I was until I looked at the menu!

We chatted about life and politics as we ate our food. We debated about guns which was pretty amusing, considering our views were polar opposites I was pleased that it remained a conversation rather than argument, I loved that he could also stimulate me mentally and not just physically.

Once we were done I thought we were going to part ways and asked what he was going to be doing for the rest of the day, a cheeky smile and with a glint in his eye he said “you”. Outwardly I blushed, inwardly I did mental cartwheels.

Heading back to his we did what we have become pretty good at. With the added help of poppers the intensity of things had stepped things up, I didn’t even think that was possible. When he went down on me I honestly thought I was going to spontaneously combust. By the time we were done I had lost the use of my legs.

We lazed about for the rest of the day. And we talked more about each other, he opened up about the fact he was divorced. Im guessing it was the fact he had opened up about a difficult time in his past I felt comfortable enough to explain a bit about my relationship with my ex. When I finished he was quiet for a while and then said “you know that what happened says more about him than it does about you?!” I have never looked at it that way. I could of cried, the number of times I have told my story and received the usual “what a prick!” Or “oh god poor you”. Yet that sentence gave me more comfort than any of the conversations I have had with people in the past.

We continued to chat, kiss and pet one another, it was only when I realized that it was getting pretty late I peeled myself away from him and told him I needed to get going.

There was no way I would be physically capable to endure any more sex, I was actually pretty sore as I don’t think I have ever had sex so many times, for such long periods in such a short timeframe. If I stayed I was going to end up in a bloody wheelchair!

Needless to say I have been in a very good mood today. I met with my friend and we chatted about my weekend. When I finished telling her she said “wow so he got the girlfriend experience?!”

Ah crap, I was so washed up in the whole weekend I forgot to take a breath and remember how much I am going to be over analyzing each second of our time together, and now thanks to my friend I am now going to be trying to work out if I am now simply offering a girlfriend experience – all the perks without the commitment?

You might of noticed that the Copper wasn’t mentioned, we were supposed to meet on Saturday or Sunday. Saturday I was (literally) tied up and Sunday… well it didn’t feel right to meet him when my body still ached after my time with CA.

Red lips and a proposal – My date with Captain America (part 1)

So as mentioned already Friday was my date with Captain America. As this was our fifth date we decided we would commemorate this milestone with a trip to a sex shop.

Now CA has always been a bit kinky, although like most men he is more comfortable about messaging it rather than actually asking for it. I suggested going to one together. I wanted to know what sort of things he is really into and I thought this would be the best way to find that out….

We arrange to meet in a pub close to the shop we had decided to visit. Due to trains being messed up I arrived at the pub half hour before our meeting. Not being nervous like I would be if this was a first or second date I was fine heading into the pub alone.

Now I was looking rather Dom for the night, I needed to exude confidence and my way of doing that is to look sexy. I had my hair in a high ponytail, dark red lipstick, tight black trousers, heels and a sheer white top with a black bra.. I looked pretty hot if I say so myself.

I walked in and realized I was the only woman in a pub filled with workmen. Now I used to run pubs so this sort of setting doesn’t bother me, however my past experience of being in the pub trade have taught me that a lone unknown female in a workmans pub is basically flypaper for pricks. Lucky me.

So the plus side my drink was bought for me… the negative is that the guy who bought it assumed that it gave him the right to join me.

I didn’t ask for my drink to be paid for, and I certainly did not want to have some stranger hitting on me when I was waiting for my date.

I explained to the guy that although I was grateful for the drink I was meeting my BF and I offered the money.

He shrugged and said he thought it was a long shot but wanted to buy a lady a drink. He refused my offer to pay for my drink as well as my further offer to return the gesture and buy him a drink in return. He returned to the bar and carried on with his night. – I felt bad for judging him so quickly.

CA was running late so I was on my own for a further 45 minutes, in that time I had another drink brought over by my new builder friend who suggested that I dumped my bf for leaving me on my own for so long. I also received a marriage proposal from a lovely 80 year old man, apparently I looked like his deceased wife did when she was younger. If CA didn’t get there soon I was going accept!

CA turned up as my very nearly fiancé was telling me all about his love for real ale. To say CA was shocked I was sat with an old man would be an understatement. He looked even more shocked when he was then told off by the old fox for leaving me waiting for so long! Awww

I said goodbye to the old fox and finally had a bit of privacy with CA

CA apologized for being late, I wasn’t fussed I had been enjoying myself with my new friend but I was certainly glad to see him.

We had a drink and headed off on our shopping trip.

To be continued….

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